Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to make voice and video calls over the internet using many devices such as IP Phones, Computers, Smartphones once the device is connected.  There are many advantages for organizations to use VOIP.  For example, it can make their communication more affordable, more flexible, more scalable, and gives the organization more control.   To have a very good VOIP solution, it is essential to have a good network.

What Our Service Includes:

  • Network Optimization–We perform analysis of your network, identifying bottlenecks and other areas for improvement, and implement changes to improve performance. Optimizing your network your organization will improve reliability, speed, performance, and this will have a significant impact on your organization’s productivity.  Some of the strategies we do include Load Balancing, VLAN implementation, and Prioritization.
  • VOIP Consulting– We provide consulting services that will allow you to select the best solution for your organization meeting your budget and requirements. We can configure and implement any VOIP solution including Cisco Call Manager Solution, Avaya IP System, Microsoft Teams Phone, and our very own RedEye VOIP Service.   We also can source and procure compatible hardware for any VOIP Provider that meets your requirements.
  • RedEye VOIP Service – We have our own VOIP solution that we make available to you.   You can use softphones or hardware IP phones.  Minimal investment is required as this service is paid per month and per user and per line.   In addition, we provide call accounting software so you can know how much time your organization spends calling.