We know your organization wants to make a positive impact and continue to support the environment, society, mission, or cause while doing so in a sustainable way.   We have been working with nonprofits since our inception in 2005, helping them become more efficient, effective, and innovative by providing them with IT Consulting and Management Services and we can help your organization too!

We can help by:

  • Leveraging technology to automate routine tasks, such as data entry, processing, analysis and reporting, your staff focus on more strategic activities of the organization.
  • Providing VOIP, Video Conference, Email and Instant Messaging Solutions that can improve communication between your employees, volunteers, members, donors, and other stakeholders.
  • Implementing online marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience and increase membership and donations.
  • Designing and managing your web presence.
  • Designing and implementing a database solution to manage your data.
  • Implementing prepackaged software that satisfies your needs
  • Creating custom computer applications such as membership management, ID Systems, Data Entry Systems using sensors, etc.
  • Providing our Data Analytics Service for nonprofits.  As a nonprofit you collect and store data.  You then must analyze this data and need reports.  Our Data Analytics Service is more than just creating reports.  We design reports for insight and perform analytics so that you can better understand the impact of your programs and make data driven decisions.  We have many options and create beautiful dashboards that are easy to understand.