Are you a pharma company that is headquartered overseas (Europe, Pacific rim) and have a presence here in the US? Are you a pharmaceutical or scientific lab that wants to establish a US presence and needs local IT expertise?

Then you have landed on the correct website!

Our pharmaceutical and scientific laboratory clients typically have less than 200 users and rely on their computers and network for daily operations. They usually run specialized line of business applications and rely heavily on that software being fully operational at all times.

Add our technology experts to your company's team when:

  • You need to allow your experts to focus on their jobs and their research without the burden of computer problems.
  • You need a team of technology professionals that are keenly aware of the need for privacy.
  • You know that computer and network downtime costs you money.
  • You need to expand your internal IT department’s reach and abilities to meet key business objectives.
  • You want a tech company that operates in NJ/NY/CT/MA.
  • You prefer to work with an IT services company with familiarity of 21 CFR Part 11 FDA Compliance.
  • You need to work with an IT firm that has what it takes to support a global client.
  • You are keenly aware of how critical your data security, confidentiality, and recoverability is to your business.
  • You need to know the status of your inventory is at all times.
  • Your interests are tied to the bottom line.