A Valuable Partner To Our Business

We are very thankful to have hired RedEye as our computer and IT company. Their attention to detail, their courteous and prompt service, and their knowledge and experience have made them a valuable partner to our business.

We highly recommend them to any company that know the importance of a truly professional and reliable computer systems organization.

Avon Contractors, Inc.
Redeye, Inc.
5 / 5 stars

RedEye Increased Our Efficiency And Capacity

I manage a fast paced, growing business that had outgrown its IT infrastructure. I was concerned about finding an IT company I trusted and felt comfortable working with. After meeting with several IT companies the decision to work with RedEye was easy.

RedEye worked with Sigma to completely redesign and implement an IT infrastructure that greatly increased our efficiency and capacity allowing us to grow, as well as protect and secure important company information.

We are thrilled to have RedEye as our IT resource.

Dir. of Operations
Sigma Imaging Technologies
Redeye, Inc.
5 / 5 stars

Zero Regrets in Hiring RedEye

We needed to make a change and hire a new IT support partner. We got quotes from a few companies, including RedEye. There were two main reasons why we chose them over the others. First, their fee structure is simple. They provided me with a guaranteed flat fee monthly support rate that fit into my budget and was predictable. Second, they addressed our need for reliable data backups. They took the time to explain what their solution was, how it would protect our business data, and how they can quickly recover everything if it was needed. I have zero regrets in hiring RedEye.

Fusion Employer Services
Redeye, Inc.
5 / 5 stars

The RedEye Team Is Integral To Our Law Firm’s Success

The technological demands in our industry were soaring in 2012 and we could no longer rely on a one-person IT service provider. We found RedEye just in time! Within just a couple months they helped us purchase new equipment, replaced outdated and slow technologies, and upgrade and secure our network to meet our clients’ growing security requirements, all while meeting our everyday help desk needs. As our needs have changed over the last three years, RedEye has been there to do everything from seamlessly migrating our email to Microsoft Office 365 to providing a top-notch backup and disaster recovery solution. Ed, Andrea, and their team are always responsive and professional and we are glad we found them!

The Law Office of Gregory Javardian, LLC
Redeye, Inc.
5 / 5 stars

Our Relationship With RedEye Has Been An Unconditional Success

We first became familiar with RedEye when they assisted with the rollout of a new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) project. While historically all our IT work has been internally, the scope of this project was such that we needed extra help.  We were extremely impressed with the engineers assigned both in terms of both knowledge and skillset.  RedEye configured the VDI environment from the ground up, on time and under budget.  After seeing how competent the RedEye staff were on this job, we entered into an agreement with the company to do proactive monitoring of our server environment.  Our relationship has been an unconditional success--we can actual document instances in which issues have been identified and resolved before we were even aware of their existence. We are extremely pleased overall, and have a new comfort level with our infrastructure that simply did not exist previously.

Chief Information Officer
Tabor Northern Community Partners
Redeye, Inc.
5 / 5 stars

Hire Them And Don’t Look Back

RedEye has been our trusted IT support partner for nearly a decade and has provided us with the technology and computer support we need to serve our 8,000+ members. They have always been there for us, recommending and implementing technology to help keep us and the constituents we serve moving the business of The Electrochemical Society forward. They consistently provide high-quality IT expertise, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service and professionalism.  It’s not easy to find a technology solutions provider that truly cares for their clients the way RedEye has for us all of these years. Hire them and don’t look back.

Chief Operating Officer
The Electrochemical Society
Redeye, Inc.
5 / 5 stars

Dedication To Excellence every Step Of The Way

RedEye did it once again. With the help of your experienced team, the long-planned move of servers went off perfectly according to plan and schedule. Once again, Redeye has proven to be a great partner to us. Thanks to all the team who were involved. Chris drove the equipment down, Nathan helped him rack it up by 1pm Saturday. Peter was key to getting all the other equipment in Cambridge un-racked and ready for disposal a couple of weeks ago.

Chris onsite Monday got everything back up and running ahead of schedule. In the end, all was perfect in my view. A big thanks to all of you for a totally professional job - top to bottom!

The guys at RedEye really do a great job of supporting us. It's very much appreciated and I will let our Executive Team know so they understand that this move could not have occurred without your dedication to excellence every step of the way.

IT and Customer Support Voxware
Redeye, Inc.
5 / 5 stars